How are tummy troubles managed?

If your toddler has persistent tummy troubles or impaired gastrointestinal tolerance, it is important to visit your healthcare professional, who will help you identify the cause and manage your toddler’s symptoms. They may do so by looking at your toddler’s medical history to try and identify any causes such as a food allergy or medication.1-3 This assessment may also be supported by a physical examination and blood tests.1 In some instances, your healthcare professional may also ask you to keep a record of your toddler’s symptoms, along with a food diary to monitor their food and fluid intake.

If it is not possible to treat the underlying cause of your toddler’s tummy troubles or impaired gastrointestinal tolerance, your healthcare professional may seek to manage their symptoms by adapting your toddler’s diet.2 In some cases, such as when a child is underweight, your healthcare professional may consider starting an oral nutritional supplement, or sip feed, which contains broken down proteins which are easier for your toddler to digest and absorb.


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RXANI130244b Date of preparation: February 2014