What is food fortification?

If your toddler is unable to eat enough food to meet their nutritional needs, your healthcare professional may give you tips on fortifying meals and snacks, e.g. by adding small quantities of high-energy foods such as butter, cream or cheese to recipes. This helps increase your toddler’s calorie intake without increasing the quantity of food they need to eat.

Examples of food fortification:

  • Pouring double cream over fruit or desserts
  • Adding grated cheese and full-fat milk to mashed potato, or adding grated cheese to baked vegetables, pasta or sandwiches
  • Using mayonnaise or full-fat cream cheese as a dip for raw vegetables
  • Ensuring all dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and paneer are full-fat
  • Spreading peanut butter on toast

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.

RXANI130244d Date of preparation: January 2014