What are sip feeds
(oral nutritional supplements)?

Some toddlers are not able to get the nutrients they need from their diet alone, so your healthcare professional may recommend special drinks, known as sip feeds (oral nutritional supplements), to supplement your toddler’s diet and help ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Children who may benefit from sip feeds include those who:

  • Have recently lost weight
  • Are recovering from surgery, illness or medical treatment
  • Have difficultly chewing and swallowing
  • Have a reduced appetite
  • Have increased nutritional needs
  • Are underweight for their age

Sip feeds are intended to be given in addition to meals to ensure your toddler continues to learn about taste and texture.

There are a wide range of sip feeds available to help meet the differing nutritional needs / preferences of your toddler.

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.

RXANI130244d Date of preparation: January 2014