Toddlers are often resistant to trying new foods, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get through your mealtimes more easily!

Videoing your mealtimes

Take a look at your mealtimes by videoing them to better assess what to do. You may find that you are commenting a lot when trying to introduce a new food to your toddler – if so, try to take a step back. If your toddler manages to try something new, try not to over-praise as this can make them feel self-­conscious and put them off.


When we eat, we use our eyes, touch, smell and taste in the process! So if something looks different, it can put toddlers off eating it – for example, if a food has too much sauce or is too wet, or if the meat looks unfamiliar.

Some toddlers prefer dry, crunchy, crispy food, so start with other foods which have similar textures and let them feed themselves!

The 10 try rule!

Research suggests that a young child needs up to 10 exposures of a new food before they will accept it. So to begin with, put something new on your toddler’s plate, encourage them to smell it and even lick it, without eating the new food. And remember, keep trying.

Messy play

If your toddler doesn’t like the look or touch of a certain food, encourage them to play with it outside of mealtimes. Get messy with food, so they have no pressure to eat, but can instead enjoy exploring it.

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If you have any concerns about your child’s food intake, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.

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