Travelling with a child who has a food allergy

Preparation is essential when travelling with a child who has food allergy, so below are some ideas to get you started as to what to organise to ensure the whole family has fun whilst away:

  • Stocking up on some suitable foods and snacks before you leave can be a helpful ‘safety net’
  • If your child joins a Kid’s Club, provide the organisers with clear written instructions and information explaining your child’s special nutritional needs, as well as a photograph of your child to ensure everyone is aware. Always leave a contact number to reach you on in case of emergencies. You could also consider using our allergy treatment plan
  • If your child needs to avoid certain foods, then contact the hotel and inform them of their special nutritional needs before you arrive - they may want further information from you or your dietitian as to alternative foods / meals they can provide and what to avoid
  • If travelling abroad, consider translating key words relating to your child’s special nutritional needs into the local language before you leave
  • All medication should be accompanied by documentary proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or letter from a healthcare professional confirming that your child needs them for their journey.1 Check with your airport beforehand to ensure you’re aware of their specific guidelines
  • Staying in self-catering accommodation can make things easier if your child as you can monitor what your child eats and cater for their needs

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.


  1. NHS Choices, 2013: Accessed 12th August 2014.