Travelling with a child on nutritional support

With some simple preparation, it really is possible to travel with your child with special nutritional needs and still thoroughly enjoy the experiences on offer. Here are some of our favourite travel tips:

  • If your child is on sip or tube feeds, contact your healthcare professional in the first instance to discuss your holiday plans
  • Check with the airline before you travel, as you may need a letter for customs if you are taking feed and/or medication on the plane with you
  • When travelling by plane, liquid medicines can only be carried in quantities in excess of the personal liquid allowance if your child needs them during the course of the flight. All medication should be accompanied by documentary proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or letter from a healthcare professional confirming that your child needs them for their journey.1 Check with your airport beforehand to ensure you’re aware of their specific guidelines

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.


  1. NHS Choices, 2013: Accessed 12th August 2014.