Enjoying special occasions with children who have food allergies

  • Preparing for parties - because your child has a special nutritional need, this does not mean they should miss out on any parties; just make sure you talk to the other parents about your child’s dietary needs. Offer to take suitable food if necessary and make sure the parent organising the party has your contact details or alternatively offer to stay at the party
  • Family fun time - spending time as a family is great fun and can help create special memories for the future. It can also deepen relationships and provide opportunities for your child to share their feelings, good or bad, and for you to support them as they grow up
  • Special occasions at schools - it is important that your child’s teachers are aware of what to consider when planning classes so that any cooking and the sharing of what has been made can be enjoyed by your child too. Be aware of the times when birthday cake or other foods may be brought into school which your child may not be able to eat and supply the school with a box of treats so your child feels involved too