Supporting your child

There are lots of tips and techniques you can implement to encourage your child to take their sip feeds, below are few ideas to help get you started:

  • Make sure your child understands why they need to take their sip feeds
  • Let your child ‘taste test’ the options to see which they prefer
  • Consider offering your child a range of flavours to help keep them interested in taking their sip feeds
  • Involve your child in incorporating their sip feeds into recipe ideas as this may help to get them more interested in eating. Click here for recipe ideas using sip feeds Alternatively, certain flavours such as chocolate can be gently heated and served as a warm drink
  • Sip feeds are best served chilled, so consider pouring them into a glass with ice cubes.
  • To make sure your child is hungry at mealtimes, it’s best not to give your child sip feeds just before a meal
  • Children respond to smiles, high fives and hugs, so consider using praise and gestures as a reward when your child takes their sip feeds
  • Consider giving your child their own named cool bag or rucksack for their supplies. This can help give them ownership of the management of their special nutritional needs and help compliance
  • How about a treasure chest? Purchase some small toys, or other fun items that your child enjoys. Asking your child to choose them can be part of the fun! Find a box and get your child to decorate it. Give them the toys and ask them to place them inside the treasure chest. You may decide initially to allow your child to have a toy every time they take their sip feed but as they get better at it, consider increasing the challenge. A reward chart in which your child gets a point/sticker for taking their sip feed can be helpful. Decide the number of points required for the reward and remember choosing the right reward is key to success. Keep rewards small but something your child likes and preferably not food-related. To download a chart template to get you started click here