Tips and tricks to make sure your child gets the nutrition they need

If your child has increased nutritional requirements, it is important that they gain weight in a healthy way and do not fill up on fatty or sugary foods. Below are some snack ideas to help improve their overall nutritional intake:1

  • Small sandwiches with a protein filling such as cheese / egg / tuna or tasty alternatives like quiche and pasta salad
  • Milkshakes, yoghurt or cheese with crackers – all of which also provide a serving of calcium
  • Vegetables cut into small segments to make them easier to eat
  • Dried fruit or other nutrient rich foods like bananas, avocados and nuts
  • Bedtime snacks of breakfast cereal with milk

In addition to this, you may consider adding small quantities of high calorie foods such as butter and cream, to recipes so that your child’s overall calorie intake increases without a noticeable increase in the quantity of the food they are eating. For further information, hints and tips click here.

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.


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