Getting your child involved

Getting your child involved in the management of their special nutritional needs is a great way to motivate and engage them, helping to make sure they make the right choices for their health. Below are some ideas you could consider trying:

  • Get messy! Encourage the ‘hands on’ approach by mixing ingredients with your hands (after they have been washed of course!) and don’t worry if a few things get spilled in the process
  • Involve your child in food shopping and preparing meals, this will provide a great opportunity to expose them to a wide range of foods as well as a chance to talk about their special nutritional needs
  • Make it fun. Laugh together and make meal times enjoyable
  • Listen to ideas. Ask your child for some recipe suggestions or food combinations and see what they come up with. Little minds can often surprise you and you may like the sound of some of their ideas!
  • Keep things interesting. Try adding some variety to the foods you give your child each week
  • Use interactive elements. Why not start a ‘new food’ tasting grid, with marks out of ten for each new dish your child tries?

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.