Whether your child is about to start school or already goes to school, it is an exciting time for you both in many ways! You’ll no doubt have a lot to prepare, but if your child has a special nutritional need such as a food allergy or takes sip feeds (oral nutritional supplements), you will want and need to be even more prepared.

In this section you can find tips and guidance to help support you and your child when they go to school, starting with the basics of healthy eating right through to specific information to help if they have special nutritional needs. We also offer tips for when your child is going to a friend’s house for dinner or eating out in a restaurant, as well as support for you.

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Parent stories

Lucy’s son, Charley, was born two weeks late. When he was born he looked quite skinny but there were no obvious signs straight away that he had allergies...

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Handy tips for children at risk of under nutrition

As your child continues to grow and develop, a healthy diet remains essential to ensure that they get the best start in life and lay down foundations for lifelong healthy eating.

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Looking after the grown-up too

Looking after yourself is essential when caring for a child with a special nutritional need so it is important to take time just for you.

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