Parent stories

Here, some parents of children with special nutricional needs, including cow's milk allergy, have shared their story.

Children with cow's milk allergy

Lucy's story

Lucy’s son, Charley, was born two weeks late. When he was born he looked quite skinny but there were no obvious signs straight away that he had allergies. He was quite an unsettled baby, often appeared to be in pain, didn't sleep well and so health professionals thought he might have colic… Read more

Penni's story

Scarlett was born in early April 2012 and was a perfectly normal baby for about the first 3 weeks of her life. I first noticed something wasn't quite right with her around the 3-week mark, when she began fussing with her bottles and crying a lot… Read more

Phillipa's story

Billy was born healthy at full-term and developed normally. He was breastfed from birth and introduced to food at about four and a half months of age, which he took to well, enjoying pureed fruits and vegetables and baby rice. When Billy was six and a half months old, he ate some scrambled eggs. Shortly after, he started vomiting severely… Read more

Rachelle's story

Nate was breastfeeding constantly from birth; however, from early on Rachelle felt there was something not quite right. Nate was her second child and his feeding was very different to her first child. At 10 days old, Nate just stopped feeding; he would turn away, arch his back and he looked like he was in a lot of pain… Read more

Sarah's story

Sarah, a mother of four children, knew that something was not quite right with baby Nevaeh from the day she was born. In comparison to her siblings, Nevaeh was not a happy baby. At 3 weeks old, Nevaeh’s doctor confirmed that she was suffering from bronchitis… Read more
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Children on nutritional support

Katie's story

Little Robert, now four and a half years old, was born with a rare complex heart defect. As a result, he has been in and out of the hospital since birth, under-going four major surgeries - including three open heart surgeries, the first at just twelve weeks old. Unfortunately, Robert’s medical conditions led to feeding issues which meant it was very difficult for him to gain weight… Read more
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