Seeking advice

It is always recommended that you seek advice from a healthcare professional regarding your child’s nutritional needs. In this section, we’ve focused on food allergies, so if you are worried or you suspect your child has a food allergy, speak to a healthcare professional, such as your doctor, health visitor or paediatric dietitian to help you and your child.

Here we have provided you with an overview of what you should expect from your healthcare professional in terms of information, and the process that you and your child might experience. In addition, we have developed some resources for you to use when asking your healthcare professional for advice, as it can be difficult when you are worried to remember everything! We have also provided you with top tips for coping with a child with a feeding difficulty or allergy; this includes advice on how to talk to other siblings and teachers - focusing on communication as the key.

RXANI140098 Date of preparation: March 2014