What's normal in babies?

Your baby’s first stool may be sticky green and black, and made up of a substance called meconium. After a few days they will then start to turn into yellowy mustard colours. Breastfed stools will be runnier than formula fed babies - which will be darker, firmer and are normally smellier!1

Babies bowel movements vary. Some babies fill their nappies at or around every feed, but others may do so several times a day to once every few days (particularly breastfed babies). Babies may cry or strain when passing a stool, but as long as your baby’s stools are soft, they are unlikely to be constipated.1

If you notice a significant change of any kind in your baby’s stools (they become smellier, very watery or harder, or you find blood in them) discuss this with your healthcare professional.1


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RXANI140098 Date of preparation: March 2014