Preparing feeds

If you are unable or choose not to breastfeed, here are some tips to help you prepare infant formula for your baby.

Equipment needed

Here are the main pieces of equipment you’ll need for formula feeding:1

  • Bottles with teats
  • Bottle covers
  • Bottle brush
  • Teat brush
  • Cold-water steriliser, microwave or steam steriliser
  • Kettle

Always ensure the feeding equipment is clean and sterile before you use it - see 'sterilising your feeding equipment' section below.

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your healthcare professional.


  1. NHS - Start4life, 2012: Accessed 14th August 2013.

Sterilising your feeding equipment

There are a number of ways to sterilise your infant formula feeding equipment – always remember to clean the equipment before you sterilise. These include using a cold-water sterilising solution, steam sterilising and sterilising the items in boiling water.1

Often people think dishwashers will clean and sterilise, however the temperature of the wash is not high enough to sterilise – they are only able to clean.1


  1. NHS - Start4life, 2012: Accessed 14th August 2013.

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