Having a baby can be a wonderful experience but it can also be a huge learning curve, especially for parents with babies who have special nutritional requirements. Knowing there is support and guidance when you need it can be a big comfort, so we’ve developed this section to help you with information and tips on the following areas:

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Parent stories

Lucy’s son, Charley, was born two weeks late. When he was born he looked quite skinny but there were no obvious signs straight away that he had allergies...

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How to feed your baby

This period can prove challenging for some parents, especially if their baby has an allergy or special nutritional need. For guidance and support, find here more about the benefits of breastfeeding, understanding food labels and preparing feeds for your baby with special nutritional needs.

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Faltering growth

If faltering growth is confirmed by your healthcare professional, often simple advice is all that is needed to get your baby back on track.

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